Special Court for Women and Children

The way crime against women and children are on rise, time has come that we must need a special court and legal system for women and children which can fast track such cases. Only fast and tough stances can bring changes in our society. And it should be turned into reality else it will be too late. 

We have centuries’ old legal system which can suit to the fast changing society which is being caused by so any factors. We have to abandon the old one and put completely new system that can fit into the new value system that is shaping our country. The new sets of values and ethics are replacing the old ones and it has to be accepted and acknowledged by our society and the government. At India Gate I am seeing a completely different world and yes, this would be the future. So should be accepted than denied the right place in society. That is the only way we can deal with the new sets of values and ethics.

Great Going Dynamic Democracy

Some people are protesting at India Gate against the law and order situation of the nation, the capital city Delhi, for a right cause and reason but they are being beaten by our Honourable Government. Why? Because these protests don’t suit to the ruling class’s discourse. And that’s great. 

Its great to see and be part of such a living and dynamic democracy! How dare the stupid Indians, the Mango People speak against the modern times Gods! Sorry the real gods!!

People cannot say even the right things to this government. We pay taxes every year to these Gods to be raped, killed and beaten if we demand security or protest when denied our rights. We are moving in the right direction! Are not we?