Sustainable Development: Nothing but a Trade-off

The history of human beings tells that in the process of growth and development it is natural for any society and civilization to move towards modernization, urbanization and industrialization of its economies. And it is continuous process that never stops as there is no stopping where it can be said that it is done. Rather societies and civilizations demands more from this process and often lead to imbalances. Also the definition and yardsticks for these processes change over time depending on societal awareness.

Following the same ethos, at present the world is moving towards modernization, urbanization and industrialization of economies. This process of modernization, urbanization and industrialization of economies has huge impact on the economic activities and environment and has resulted into increased population, agricultural output and industrial production etc. But at the same time it has resulted into degradation of environment because of increasing pollution from the increased industrialization. Although the increased economic activities have negative impacts on the natural resources and environment but even after it, sustainable development of societies and economies is possible and can be achieved by taking care of the issues relating environment. For this societies and countries has to take initiatives in all spheres of lives such as inequality and poverty, the direction of industrialization and urbanization, population and education, lifestyle and use of fertilizers etc. because all these factors have long term relationship with each other; sometime direct and sometimes indirect.

Evidences suggest that the increased industrial and agricultural output through inorganic methods and means have been harmful for the environment and unsustainable. Also it is not possible for the human being to sustain and survive without the environmental support system. But also at the same time it is important to keep the growth development process intact to achieve some positive results on the fronts hunger, education, medical services, poverty, inequality and dignified life to everyone. So it is important to have right priorities and do things right according to those right priorities and for that there must be right trade-off between the short term priorities and long term goals.

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