The Present Form of Land Acquisition Bill Will Setup Wrong Economic Discourse

Everyone would agree with the argument of the government that land is needed for development of nation but why to undermine rights of someone to achieve the goal of development? Would it be in category of development when thousands of people would be jobless, homeless and identity-less? For a farmer, land is very important. I would not compare it with mother but it is important for them as it has emotions value rather than just an economic commodity. Government need to tread carefully as it would have long term consequence for Indian society that in the process of complete change.

For any government it is not possible to come with a policy that is welcomed by everyone in the system but It can come up with a policy that is reasonable enough to communicate its right motives and does not compromise with the rights of anyone without any provision to compensate for those. 

            "It is natural in the process of development, rights and interests of a few would be compromised and government is for making provisions for right kind of remedies." 

In case of present Land Acquisition Bill, government failed to perform on this account. It has faulty compensation rules; there is lack of accountability by dropping the idea of social impact assessment and misguided use of land. Idea of comprehensive Land Acquisition Law is need of the hour but it must be inclusive of everyone in the chain as the broken chains in the economic restructuring will end up rigging the whole economic set up in a tone that USA and other developed countries are witnessing today and people had to protest against the economic policy (remember OccupyWall Street Movement of 2011).

Policy level examples from other countries do give some basic guidance about what to do and what not to but not the complete guidance. Those need customization according to the needs the particular country and in a country of farmers you simply cannot undermine the rights of farmers. India obviously needs a right and comprehensive law in place for the purpose of land acquisition to increase economic activities in country but not a law like the proposed Land Acquisition Ordinance/Bill. It must consider the rights of farmers. Some dilution is needed mainly relating usages for industry, compensation and accountability. Government needs to pro-development but neither pro-farmer nor pro-industry. And it is possible but not being tough. Rather it has to listen to different stakeholders. But at the same time the interest groups and opposition must be reasonable. They must accept the fact that land is needed for the development and they must be ready to offer their lands for the nation.

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