नज़र से नज़र की बात

नज़र ने तेरे 
नज़र से मेरे 
नज़र की बात की थी 
पल दो पल की नहीं 
सदियों से लम्बी बड़ी……… 
मुलाकात की थी।

थीं जो दरम्याँ कुछ 
नज़रों में ही टूट गईं 
पर इतेफ़ाक़ 
ये भी कुछ अज़ीब था, 
कि बात सारी 
जो भी हुई 
नज़रों में ही छूट गई। 
राजीव उपाध्याय

It’s Hypocrisy that Encourages Communalism in India

Media reports clearly suggest that 86 families belonging to Dalit community are threatening to accept Islam if it can save their houses. These reports on the very first instance seem that this threat is nothing but tactics to gain media attention so that they can raise their issue to broader public so that they can gain some public sympathy and may be immediate relief. These people have been living on unauthorized area for decades. This is now being treated as encroachment by authorities, so they trying to vacate the land so that can build road. It is clearly a case of illegal encroachment. But this needs humanitarian approach. Though, not right precedence.