A Letter to Dr Raghuram G Rajan

Respected Dr Rajan Sir

I saw your angst about high level of inflation in the economy in different newspapers. And you was asking questions rather than answering for those same questions! It is simply amusing sir. This makes me ask a few questions.

Sir what you were doing by keeping interest rates so high as a central banker and that too for around long three years? Is it not your failure as a central banker sir? Is the autonomy given to you for being a rebel or catalyst for growth and inclusion? Is it not part of your duty and integrity to cooperate with the FM or convince him so that fiscal and monetary policies remain aligned? Sir what you did for the poor? And what are your achievements besides creating political fissures (for both the governments)?

No doubt you are a very good economist; perhaps a great one and you have proved this to world with studies and writings and don’t need a certificate from novice like me. But sorry sir! I have to say that you are not a good central banker! The autonomy given to you is not for being rebel but to ensure that you are not puppet in the hands of political powers.

Being in limelight is not a bad thing for an economist and central banker but being a Superman of central bankers is not expected from you.

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