Reservation in Private Sector Jobs

Reservation is considered to be a positive discrimination to undo the social injustice and inequalities metted out over centuries but people have varied views about the same and India is not an exception to it. Over time people from all spectra of life willingly or unwillingly have accepted and come to the term with the reservation on the basis of caste in the government jobs and education in India. But of late people belonging to the Unreserved (UR) category and creamy layer of OBC (Other Backward Caste) have been becoming very vocal against the caste based reservations as it makes difficult for them to get government jobs and admission in government education institutions (Kumar, Pratap, & Aggarwal, 2019). Considering these disadvantages, there was demand for reservation on the basis of income which now has been accommodated through a new legislation by the Indian Parliament for the Economically Weaker Sections (EWS) of society (MSJE, 2020).

The failure of economic policies at domestic level often lead to the air filled with protectionism to nurse as well as curb the popular. The protectionist tendencies of the central governments of the nations are often found to transact to the states to inspire them to indulge in such protectionist practices ignoring the fact that such practices in domestic markets often have only emotional and notional value than any empirical evidence of bringing in any substantial benefits to the economy.

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