Media Against Bharat in G-20 Summit

A large number of news outlets irrespective of foreign or Indian, were hell-bent on declaring the G20 Summit a failure with the purpose to discredit Bharat before the G-20 Summit had even started! The Print, The Wire, Hindustan Times, Business Standard etc. along with the foreign news outlets were loudly declaring with huge confidence that there would be no New Delhi Leader’s Declaration because of non-consensus among the members! Why? Because the European countries and the USA wouldn’t tone down on the Ukraine-Russia war and India wouldn’t go against Russia. Rather India would opt for the middle path. So they were certain!

But before the first day of the G20 Summit ended, the members reached a consensus and a historic New Delhi Leader’s Declaration was adopted as announced by Indian PM Narendra Modi in the presence of all the members! The whole media and a number of journalists who were speculating against had no words. However, still, a few are trying hard to find a way or two to criticize the presidency of Bharat. However, that’s all right.

One wouldn’t be surprised to see a few foreign news outlets going all against India due to many reasons such as some peculiar persuasions, agendas and prejudices. No question can be asked of them. They hardly have to care about Bharat or Bharatiya interests! But what about Indian news outlets irrespective of their ideological bias? Don’t they have to care about India and Indian interests?

Rajeev K. Upadhyay

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