Finally CBI Raids Suresh Kalmadi's House

Mr. Suresh Kalmadi has been charged with several charges of corruptions relating to prestigious Commonwealth Games 2010 and government as well as the investigating agencies have been busy sleeping in their adobe! Till the date they did not have time to consider this case. However India is country of miracles so finally our celebrated and intelligent CBI has managed to get some time to raid on the home and offices of Mr. Kalmadi after more than two months. Great! 

Oh! They were worried about free and fair justice and this is best way to save someone from being victim of fair and free justice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great! Such a GREAT achievement!

Are you listening Tyaga Ki Murti sorry queen of corruption Mrs. Gandhi and innocent Manmohan Singh Ji!!

Oh! Yeah! How can you? How dare I ask a question?
What a jerk am I!!!!!

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