Neo Terrorism

This is a strange world. Who is who is very difficult to recognize and in the world of diplomacy, it’s even more complicated. May be weird! Problems are often disguised but the problem makers are always. 

The word terrorism itself is self-defining word. No explanation required. So seems in case of terrorist countries. But today there are many kinds of terrorist countries in this world. Some are well known as terrorist countries because of their activities. Pakistan is a living example of it. But there is another kind of terrorist countries too. One can call those as Neo Terrorist countries. These countries basically don’t breed terrorists in their own land but sponsor terrorism through money, arms, asylum, ideology and diplomatic support. But the biggest player of the game is the US. 

The US knows it very well that Pakistan is the safest heaven of terrorism in the world but supports in all possible ways. The US gives billions of dollars every year and bombs, guns, bullets and aircraft to sharpen the edge in the name to fight against terrorism but it basically funds terrorism via Pakistan with required resources; money and ammunition. And this is done under the sun in name of diplomacy. 

We must understand open day terrorism is big threat to the world but this new way of NEO TERRORISM is the biggest threat to the world.

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