The Politician in Baba Ramdev is Now Taking Charge

News reports and Team Anna’s statement suggest that Baba Ramdev has supported the demands of political parties to exclude Prime Minister and higher judiciary from Lokpal ambit. This is really frustrating for common supporters like me to hear it. It seems our efforts would yield nothing but new sets of politicians. 

The way Baba Ramdev has been talking for some time, the politician in Baba Ramdev is now taking charge. He is now behaving like a politician. A cunning politician. 
As a person I am unable to understand if caption of ship is not answerable for his deeds; how you can expect that the sailors to be responsible to ship? I simply want to know why Prime Minister or Chief Justice of India cannot be answerable to the nation but other people must be? So what is the need for Lokpal? Do we really support democracy or want to continue to rules and traditions of royals and monarchs. If PM of this country is so afraid of answering to the people then he can never be an honest person. 'Kahte hain Sanch ko Aanch Nahi'. So why our respected PM is so much worried about? People must understand the position of Chief Justice is being used as leverage just to shield the PM from the ambit of Lokpal. And I am sure that there is no other purpose of bringing CJI into this discussion.

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