Anna Breaks His Fast

After all government has agreed to constitute Jan Lokpal. So Anna has broken his fast. I am happy and think that it can be construed as our victory but it’s a long battle and will continue for longer than expected. So it’s imperative the pressure on the government is mounted until this proposed law becomes reality. 

Anything is possible in politics and nothing is stable. It keeps on changing. So promised made today may not matter tomorrow for the government. So it’s very important that government is forced to not turn on.

Sorry but Anna is Turning Undemocratic

I don't understand whether to support Anna now or not. His agenda is the best thing India can hope for but the way he is now functioning i am finding it somehow undemocratic. Being arrogant is sometimes good for democracy but dictating the nation is never good.

What Anna is doing I appreciate and support in all the ways and forms. I have been part of this change since early days in June and July by participating in many events as a volunteer and some money as well. But we must decide what we want from this Lokpal? And do we want Lokpal under the current constitution or outside the preview of the constitution? Accountability is important for everyone. We have to decide in what way this Lokpal will function and at what would be the cost? And accountability too. Without accountability it will turn into another demon.