Sorry but Anna is Turning Undemocratic

I don't understand whether to support Anna now or not. His agenda is the best thing India can hope for but the way he is now functioning i am finding it somehow undemocratic. Being arrogant is sometimes good for democracy but dictating the nation is never good.

What Anna is doing I appreciate and support in all the ways and forms. I have been part of this change since early days in June and July by participating in many events as a volunteer and some money as well. But we must decide what we want from this Lokpal? And do we want Lokpal under the current constitution or outside the preview of the constitution? Accountability is important for everyone. We have to decide in what way this Lokpal will function and at what would be the cost? And accountability too. Without accountability it will turn into another demon.

We all want corruption free India but do we want dictatorship? Have not we have seen dictatorship during emergency? If everything comes under the Lokpal who will regulate Lokpal? And just appointing a Lokpal will end the corruption? A few people as Lokpal cannot help a population of 1.21 billion. We need a machinery and mechanism that can purview and oversee the functioning of all the investigating agencies instead of just government (politically) appointed Lokpal.

I want a Lokpal system which can eradicate corruption from Indian but not a dictator. Indira Gandhi during emergency has caused enough damage to this country. Anna’s Lokpal would be a political appointment and if there is just person with absolute power, it is dangerous. I want it to be an independent and autonomous body with huge powers to check an balance all the investigative agencies across India but under the Indian Constitution not outside of it.

When I say this I don’t doubt Anna. I have been supporting him and still standing behind him but want him change his ways not the demands. Mr. Anna cannot make the legislation nor do his associates. 

A few things are very clear now in my mind. Team Anna is not the only team well versed in this. There are many people who know it well. I have been a salient witness to the episode of Karnataka Lokayukta Mr. Hegde distancing himself from the movement. Considering his honesty and integrity this itself puts a lot of questions on Team Anna’s way of functioning. 

Besides, the proposed Jan Lokpal must be able to pass the test of Indian Constitution and Supreme Court. 

As suggested by many that there is need for a strong Lokpal. I agree but strong Lokpal does not need to have absolute powers and nor would challenge the sovereignty of this nation Sanjay Gandhi and his Mother Indira Gandhi did. We cannot afford any to have ill placed law or rule. This is the time for our voices. And Anna's fast is working for us but once it goes wrong. We will lose everything we have achieved.

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