NOTA Can Never be a Right Option

These days, intellectuals are so fond of None of the Above (NOTA). They are praising it as panacea of all the problems of Indian political system. NOTA is being said to be an effective tool in the hands of common man of the country to find the solution to non-performing governments and public representatives. But as a citizen of this country, I have different opinion altogether. It is a negative idea itself for a democracy and any democracy cannot afford to be empowered on the foundations of negative ideas. There is need for affirmative ideas and actions to make the government and public representatives more responsive towards people.

I am sure that NOTA would not work until and unless there are election/political reforms in our country. But on the other hand, it will help politicians to have solution to the problems of anti-incumbency. In normal circumstances, those who are not happy with the government or their public representatives will choose NOTA in absence of a right candidate and as a result the ruling party will not get negative votes. This trend would make it easy for the ruling party to come back into the power. Same would be practiced by opposition as well. 

So as a citizen I request you all to please don't waste your vote by opting NOTA. Rather use is positively.

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