The Big Brand of Secularism

Voters in this country in this season of elections are very confused. Basically they have been entrusted to decide as who is secular and who is communal. Precisely, the main task is to decide who is communal. However secularism has always been a funning subject in our country. It has been so funny that even comedy shows would fail to entertain the public as this concept can do! 

At present there are three big brands in market of secularism and communal-ism; namely Rahula Gandhi, Mulayam Singh and Narendra Modi. The pioneer brand these days is Mr. Rahul Gandhi and he is very much worried about influence of ISI on Muslim youth of Muzzfarnagar and he finds RSS and BJP to be the reason for the same. 

The second biggest brand as of now is Mr. Malayam Singh. He busy in telling how he opened fire on Kar Sevaks to remind Muslims that he is only saviour of Muslim interests in this country . so Muslim voters must vote for him in Uttar Pradesh at least. 

And the third biggest brand these days is Shri Narendra Modi. He has been busy talking about communal unity and harmony. Basically he is not worried about secularism. He is positioning his brand differently already crowded market of secularism. He calls himself a businessman (Bania). So perhaps he knows his feasible positioning! 

However for common man (Remember Mango People), it is really very confusing as who should be considered as secular and communal and to vote for what (secularism or communalism) and to whom? 

However, there remains a big question unanswered to me. Is secular the real communal?

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