Judiciary Must be Reformed

Son of a rich and influential family, Vedant Agarwal has all rights to fly on the roads with his Porsche and if some stupid people comes in his ways and get killed, it is their fault, not Vedant's. For this crime, judges who granted him bail must register a case against to those who died in this accident! Basically the victim is the that juvenile whose right to fly on the road was interfered with. He should be compensated for this and the Milords must give a new historic order and may be establish a fund to compensate him so that none does this even in the future.

Sarcasm on one side but it can be said that the Judiciary in India is completely. The way Milords have granted bail to this so called juvenile Vedant Agarwal, 17 years son of a builder, loudly tells how sick the judiciary has turned! But no questions will be asked or no investigation against the judge will ordered by the Supreme Court of India!!

This is not the first time, it is happening, judiciary has been doing this for decades giving undue favours to rich and powerful. Even in case of Arvind Kejriwal, he was granted interim bail going out of the way. Also the long holiday periods in summers and winter should be scrapped. When the whole nation is ok working on summers and winters, why cannot judiciary work!

Time has arrived that the next government must reform judiciary from top to down starting from the top, Supreme Court. The Collegium System must be scrapped and no undue privileges are given.

Rajeev K Upadhyay

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