The Irony of Being Mamata Banerjee

There is so much fury about the protesting doctors. Everyone is out to educate them, ignoring everything relating to this protest. Before anything is said fact must be presented. While treatment, an old man of the age of more than 80 years died few days back. This made the relatives of the patient furious and they termed this death as medical negligence. Previously there had been a lot of reports about medical negligence though most of these never were confirmed or backed by a proper enquiry (this does not make doctors sacred cow). However, in this case too without any enquiry, it was termed as medical negligence by a mob. And surprising fact is that none is asking any real questions to none, doctors and hospital administration, the judges in the mob and the West Bengal government. This is the irony. 

When the mob whose medical accomplishments is of illiterates, gathered just because of religious identity, decided that it was a case of medical negligence and no question is asked by anyone in the mob. Perhaps, it was considered as truth has been revealed on them as patient died was father of Maulvi of the local mosque, so should not be questioned. So the mob legitimately decided to punish the guilty! When the doctors were beaten by these goons (I am sorry, I have no other appropriate word), the other patients and their attendants shivered in fright and the security guards decided to remain silent at a safe distance while they could have avoided this situation and administration busy covering up the incident. It was not just a stray incident at a disserted road in mid of the night of so call Gau Rakshaks’ but at an establishment which is equipped with proper security arrangements. 

The most difficult part of the whole saga is that when it was time to act against culprits with strong hand who vandalised the hospital and beat the doctors, the Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee instead decided to threat the protesting doctors of police action. She could have easily controlled the situation if wanted but for her, it seems her wisdom is the only truth and she is the only person who could speak about or demand justice from others but she could never be questioned. The politician in Mamata Banerjee, is out there to make miscalculations only on the basis of political gains and losses while ignoring her administrative responsibilities. Rather than looking into the matter, she is finding language to be the sole cause of the problem. Laughable but for her, its wisdom. She not only gives a bad example of how not to administrate a state but also hampers her political prospects but surprisingly none can reveal this truth to her. 

On the other hand the media is out with the full strength to downplay the real reasons behind the protest and merely reminding doctors’ about their duties. Instead of starting a fruitful discussion, media is engaged in ignoring its own responsibility of presenting news without bias. It is busy in providing examples as how bad is administration in BJP ruled states. It has always been very difficult to understand the media which itself is victim of such incidents of violence. What could this hypocrisy be termed as? Does this tendency of hiding facts and running something on television which could basically divert the attention to other side serve any cause to the nation? Is this tendency of media not creating chaos in whole system? Still it is busy selling such ideas.

When it is time to intervene immediately to solve the problem, the government at Kolkata and New Delhi has been trying salvage by keeping quiet and passing ball in other hand and this is just for some probable political gains ignoring it is putting a bad precedence for future.

Image Courtesy: Business Today

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