Coronavirus Pandemic: Extraordinary Hours Require Extraordinary Efforts

Please observe and support today’s Janta Curfew. There should be no confusion in this. It is for us and our family and dear ones. As of now, through this social distancing and lockdown only we can serve for the humanity. As citizens now it’s our primary duty and we must make it successful. No excuses. Even if this lockdown (Janta Curfew) is extended we should welcome it whole heartedly!

On the other hand the government must have to scale up and fasten medical facilities such as testing labs and ventilation equipment for fighting and containing this Coronavirus pandemic. Also it must have to be understood that in this hour of extraordinary crisis, the vulnerable sections of the society (daily wages earners and SMEs) are most exposed to and these need fiscal support from the government. Implementing Universal Basic Income (UBI) is the only and the most appropriate tool in the hands of government for speedy response irrespective fiscal deficit. Without doubt, the fiscal deficit will increase but that is a short term consequence and a little cost to keep up the economic activities and consumption.

Situation is the worse than that of the war like situation and we both (citizens and government) have to discharge our respective duties responsibly without any lapses or failures. We have no other option left.

Rajeev Upadhyay

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