A Narrative and Religion of Violence

You may find all the valid reasons to justify the attack on Arnab Goswami. You can put forth n numbers of arguments against him to justify what happened. Even you may end up having a fabulous vision too! That's okay. No questions asked.

But remember, you would also be treated in the same way some day by somebody for the same reason that is airing your views! That moment you will feel vulnerable. Then perhaps you will find yourself very weak and will cry when nobody will stand up for you. However, that also would be a bad thing but that would be just a continuation of the same bad precedent that has been and is being justified on social media by many. A narrative and religion of violence! But the Karma comes back to haunt us all till the end! No matters who we are?

Arnab might not be the best person or journalist but at the end of day he too is like us all with his biases and prejudices. With a character that is somehow grey in colour! Neither perfectly black nor white! The only different thing is that he has got a different composition! But who is not?

Do we punish ourselves for the same? Will we support an attack on us for airing views? If yes; when are we abandoning all forms of media and communication to keep ourselves out from any possible danger? A danger of having a view (even if it is biased or unbiased)! Can we have a view that looks universally unbiased?

Please think and ponder about it. As the time will pass after sometime and we will not have a chance for atonement as our omniscience will cease to exist!

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