Avalanche in the Name of secularism

The Chairman of Delhi Minorities Commission, Mr Zafarul-Islam Khan in his a social media post finds that Zakir Naik is a hero who is respected across the globe in Muslim world! He is praising a person to everyone’s astonishment who is accused of and being investigated for his alleged role in Dhaka bomb blast in 2016 by Indian security establishments. He has been absconding from India for the last four years. At first place, it is surprising that the person who is responsible to ensure that the minorities in Delhi are treated well and equally is championing a person who is charged for his extremist views that are capable of turning youth into terrorists at least in two terror attacks; one in Bangladesh and the other one in Sri Lanka in 2019!

This investigation started in India only after action by a Muslim country Bangladesh which clearly gave a statement 'Peace TV is not consistent with Muslim society, the Quran, Sunnah, Hadith, Bangladesh's Constitution, our culture, customs and rituals'.

I fail to understand how someone can complain against the so-called Hindutva bigots by threatening an avalanche for the sake and in the name of the so-called and perceived persecution of Muslims in India! Mr. Zafar If you feel that your so-called proximity with Arabs can be of any help then you should look at Imran Khan, PM of Pakistan who is crying that none has given him a single penny in this time of crisis! Not even the Arab Muslim countries! Do you feel that Arabs would give priorities to your vested interests over theirs one when their own economic structure and asset ‘oil’ seems to be failing them?

I think You have forgotten that Arabs find themselves the legitimate torch bearer of Islam; not you or any Muslim from Indian sub-continent. However I have a few questions for you Mr. Zafar. I know you will not respond but that hardly matters. Still I will ask. Is the blood spread by Zakir Naik’s followers and workers not enough that you are thirsty for more? Or has Delhi witnessed lesser blood in recent riots in East Delhi? Do you really feel that Zakir Naik is so important to all the Indian Muslims? Don’t you feel that views like yours are pushing Indian Muslims to the margins where terrorism is cheered and cherished? Is this the so-called Ganga Jamuni Tehzeeb?

If you have an affirmative answer to even one single question and your views echo the feeling of Indian Muslims, then you are rejecting the very concept of secularism which you have been talking about in the past.

Perhaps you know it very well that you are deliberately using your propaganda machine to fulfil your own and personal vested interests even if it puts Indian Muslims in a bad spot in India and across the globe.

Rajeev Upadhyay

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