Fight Against Coronavirus: Observation from 2nd May Data

A few observations from 2nd May on the basis of National Data on the Coronavirus pandemic:-

1. Doubling period decreased from 12.26 days to less than 12 days with a growth rate of 5.97%.
2. Active cases increased at a higher rate on 2nd May than a day before and earlier. Doubling period decreased by 1 day to 13.7 days.
3. Confirmed cases per test increased on 2nd May at the same rate as on 1st May 2020.
4. Things on the recovery front are improving slowly now. On 2nd May, the no of total recovered cases per case, new recovered cases per new cases as well as recovered cases per active case increased at higher rate.
5. India has been able to contain not only spread of corona but also death per million is the lowest however it is increasing as usual but for lower than the world average and most of the other countries.
6. Death per confirmed cases increased at a higher rate than a day before.

Rajeev Upadhyay

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