COVID19 India: Observation from 24th August 2020 Data

A few observations from 24th August 2020 (National Data) on coronavirus pandemic:-

1. COVID19 new case count increased by 59,696 to the total of 31,64,881 on 24th August 2020 with 7-days growth rate of 2.28% and a doubling period of 30.65 days. It is second in row when daily count has fallen since very long. Hope this turns into a trend. However, the moving averages indicate otherwise.

2. The 7-days growth rate of the active cases was 0.62% with a doubling period of 112 days with the active case count of 7,03,234 on 24th August 2020. Active cases are continuously increasing.

3. The overall positivity rate was 8.59% against the daily positivity rate of 6.45% on 24th August 2020. Daily positivity rate hovers around 8%. This needs to fall for a trend reversal. Total tests done were 9,25,383 with a cumulative total of 3,68,27,520.

4. The overall recovery rate increased to 75.93% against the world average of 68.69% on 24th August 2020. The daily recovery rate was 111.07%. The daily recovery rate sustained above the overall recovery rate for the last 23 days.

5. Case fatality rate has fallen to 1.85% as on 24th August 2020 against the world’s average of 3.43%. It has been consistently falling early April in India.

Rajeev Upadhyay

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