COVID19 India: Observation from 17th September 2020 Data

A few observations from 17th September 2020 (National Data) on coronavirus pandemic:-

1. COVID19 new case count increased by 96,792 to the total of 52,12,686 on 17th September 2020 with 7-days growth rate of 1.93% and the doubling period falling to 36.25 days. After a consecutive fall for the last three days, daily counts again started increasing. This has been happening since the beginning. It clearly indicates that this pandemic wouldn’t be over soon.

2. The 7-days growth rate of the active cases was 1.1% with a doubling period of 63.42 days with the active case count of 10,18,454 on 17th September 2020. Active cases are continuously increasing everyday. The pressure on the healthcare infrastructure in India is increasing.

3. The overall positivity rate was 8.47% against the daily positivity rate of 9.62% on 17th September 2020. Daily positivity rate hovers around 8%. This needs to fall for a trend reversal. Total tests done were 10,06,615 with a cumulative total of 6,15,72,343.

4. The overall recovery rate increased to 78.84% against the world average of 72.60% on 17th September 2020. The daily recovery rate was 90.69%.

5. Case fatality rate has fallen to 1.62% as on 17th September 2020 against the world’s average of 3.13%. It has been consistently falling early April in India.

Rajeev Upadhyay

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