The Assault on Arnab Goswami and the Freedom of Press

The tone and vendetta journalism of Arnab Goswami can never be appreciated in any way. His activism in the name of journalism in cases of Sushant Singh suicide, Kangana Ranaut, Rhea Chakraborty as well as the personal attacks on different politicians and personalities than asking uncomfortable questions using the platform of a TV channel was uncalled for. However in the heightened emotions of political hue and cry, this hooglism seemed justified to millions of Indians who enjoyed it but at their own deadly cost (to be paid in future)!

However the way, Mumbai Police on the behest of its political masters relating to Shiv Sena, Congress and NCP is behaving is more dangerous for a democratic society than Arnab Goswami style of journalism (as his ways can be checked by the law) and will have very high repercussion for everyone and India as whole (as there is no effective check and balance for the law makers). It must be stopped at once else it will have its own reminiscence and a narrative leading to a very dreadful end.

When the law makers and law enforcement agencies appropriate their right to bend the law to their own favour and people accepts is as norm, one can never expect a society in order but anarchy. If governments are fearful of press and try to shut the voice of media, then governments are trying to hide and cover-up something uncomfortable. The physical assault of Arnab Goswami is not only bad in taste but a warning about the direction of the ruling class in the democracy!

Rajeev Upadhyay

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