Onset of Third Wave of COVID19 Infections

It is less than two weeks since the new cases of COVID19 infections have started witnessing significant increase and India is in the middle of the third wave of infections overtaking the peaks of the previous two waves. The rate at which the new infections are increasing is alarming and everyone must be careful observing social distancing and wearing masks.

The numbers of daily reported confirmed cases as on 9th January 2022 are very high in the very beginning of the third wave in comparison to the previous waves of infections. Daily reported confirmed cases may soon cross the second wave's peak in the month of January itself.
The 7-days growth rate in active cases as on 9th January 2022 is far higher than that of the two previous waves of infections of COVID19 in India. Many forecasts suggest that the third wave would witness far higher numbers of daily reported infections. Considering the growth in daily reported cases, these forecasts may soon turn into reality in the next few weeks.

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