India Fight Against Coronavirus: Observation from 7th May 2020 Data

A few observations from 7th May 2020 National Data on the Coronavirus pandemic:-

1. Growth in the confirmed cases was 6.6% on 7th May. Almost the same growth was witnessed on 6th May. Not only on 6th May, but since 1st May total confirmed cases are increasing at almost the same growth rate. There is no sign of moderation. Rather, it is increasing however in very small numbers. Confirmed cases are doubling in 10.8 days. If the lockdown was lifted after 14 days on 8th April, the number of total confirmed cases would have been increased to 1,24,506 if the doubling period was 7 days.

2. On 7th May, active cases increased at a higher rate at 5.3%. The fall in the growth rate of active cases by 0.5% has increased the doubling period to 13.3 days.
3. Active cases per million increased at a lower rate than the growth in the active cases per million however tests per million has increased significantly..
4. The gap between the growth of confirmed and active cases per test is widening with steeper decrease in the growth of active cases.
5. Every indicator for recovery is improving with every passing day.Number of total and new recovered cases increased at a higher rate than total confirmed, active and new cases on 7th May.
6. Death to total confirmed cases decreased on 7th May and has flattened in India indicating that proportion of recovered cases is increasing with every passing day.
7. India is doing better than all the countries having more than 30000 confirmed cases.
Rajeev Upadhyay

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