Fatality is Far Lower in the Second Wave of COVID19 in India

Every single death from COVID19 is unfortunate but every media outlet is creating panic by showing the dead bodies but none tells that the numbers of death per lakh tested positive is far less in the second wave than the first wave.

In the first wave, Case Fatality Rate (CFR) was 1.43 per cent but in the second wave it is only 0.57 per cent. That means more than 99.4 per cent of infected individuals are recovering over time in this wave. This clearly indicates that Indian health system has learned a lot in the last one year. And this is a good news that every citizen must know to defuse the panic behaviour which on rise. Media outlets rather all the time creating panic should also focus on this side of the pandemic.

Obviously, the R value (reproduction number) of this virus is very high making it highly infectious but not that deadly. This pandemic is basically a healthcare challenge on the account of infrastructure and logistics than anything. A pandemic like this can collapse any healthcare system irrespective how well equipped the system is. But that does not mean that the governments are not responsible for the death of lakhs of citizens. When governments had time to upgrade and prepare the healthcare system to face the second wave, governments choose to celebrate.

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