6% on Education: Would It be Possible?

EducationThe straight line about the present health of Indian economy is that it is in good shape but not free from risks. As per World Bank, the estimated nominal GDP of India in 2018 was $2.948 trillion with a GDP growth rate of more than 7%. As per interim budget presented by the government in February 2019, the total expenditure in fiscal year 2019-20 is expected to be $470 billion. 

Congress Party's manifesto promises to spend 6% of GDP on education which is about $177 billion. This is huge amount and is equivalent to 38% total central expenditure. It has surprised every stakeholder. If such amount is possible to spend, it will change the face of India far ever. And this would the best thing to happen with India. But the volume of money casts a lot of questions because for any government of a developing economy would not be if not possible but very difficult to spend 38% of its total expenditure on just one sector letting other sectors to struggle for fund and may shelving off many schemes. 

However if the manifesto claims so, there must have been a plan to do so. So it becomes imperative for the nation to know where from it will mobilize resources as it has promised so many things from NYAY to huge expenditure on healthcare. If the party can provide with a robust plan, it will clear all the doubts in the mind of nationals as well as the nation would like to question the intentions of the previous governments as why it failed to spend money to skill a billion opportunities which is now turning into mammoth challenge that is still unaddressed.

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